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Websites Still Very Important with Social Media

I’ve had customers ask if their website is still as important with the popularity of social media. I saw this article below in a newsletter that addresses this topic partially. The answer is a resounding YES, websites are still very important. Another article said recently customers prefer websites to social media. The article gives other reasons that you can read. But the big reasons you need a good website in addition to strong social media are:

1. Presentation. You have complete control over how you present your marketing on a website. You can present links to relevant information you want to provide, videos, slideshows, infographics, product pictures and information and so much more ANY way you want and provide as much as you want, and continually update it. I like image slideshows with graphics/words combined. These are effective in communicating a great deal of information quickly and also affecting emotion/behavior with pictures. Also important is the ability to design the site in any way you want to complement and enhance your brand and identity. A great web design is crucial. You don’t get that with social media.

2. Search. With a site optimized for search engines and good content, your website can come up high in the rankings for keywords your customers are searching for. And the more content you continually add, the better. Social media pages not only limit how you can present your marketing, they limit how much you can provide and there isn’t much you can do on a social media page to make it rank higher in search results. Your website is ALWAYS going to be more powerful in SEO. You can get more visitors by utilizing search engine optimization and making your site come up ahead of your competition in search engine results.

There are many other important reasons websites are still the BEST piece of online marketing, and some would say marketing in general. You can read the article and some more here. All of this isn’t to say social media isn’t important — IT IS — and you should have a social media strategy and SEO strategy that complements your website, promotes it and enhances your online marketing and ultimately your sales!.

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