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Internet & Digital Marketing

Any business with an online presence needs to have a comprehensive internet and digital marketing strategy. While SEO is the most important piece to that – and Lerentech excels in SEO with our custom-tailored programs – internet marketing with display ads and pay per click can provide a great return on investment.  Marketing strategies involving tactics such as retargeting or remarketing can far outperform traditional media and advertising, and Lerentech can put together an affordable budget for most any business interested in growing traffic and sales.

The Fastest Method to Generate Leads for Your Business is with Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing Services

Search engine marketing is the answer to getting your company noticed online – and not just on search engines. The world of internet marketing and search engine ranking is changing at a breakneck pace. Google is still leading the charge, and if your webpages haven’t been optimized for visibility, then chances are that your potential customers won’t even see what you have to offer. But beyond Google and beyond people actively ready to buy, it’s important to have a comprehensive marketing strategy that focuses on branding, brand awareness, and increasing customer communication. This is where SEM and display advertising far outperform traditional print, TV and billboards.

By partnering with a company like Lerentech, you gain access to industry leading techniques that have been proven time after time to improve visibility, traffic and brand awareness. Our clients regularly see significant ROI when they come to us for internet marketing help. We want you to succeed, and we’re ready to use every digital marketing and SEM tactic we know to help you get there.

Web Design & SEO That Delivers RESULTS

Success Story

A couple months after designing, developing and launching a new website for an Upstate New York resort near Syracuse – and performing Search Engine Optimization – we were told the good news that their online bookings were up 65%! Looking at Google Analytics, we further learned that, compared to the same 30 day period as the previous year and old site, their traffic was up 20%, pageviews were up 30% and time spent on their site was up 20% as well! That means more people spending more time on their site, engaging with them, and becoming new customers.

Good web design utilizing marketing principles and tactics, combined with SEO and digital marketing will deliver new business and more than pay for the costs.

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The Approach to Internet Marketing that You’ve Been Looking For

If you are ready to see your company’s web presence grow fast and significantly, then you have found the right partner in Lerentech. Our personal and innovative approach to digital marketing gives us a leg up over competitors and allows us to focus on the techniques that make sense for your brand and your target market. Furthermore, many of our solutions complement each other, meaning that the more strategies you combine, the better your results will be.

Among our marketing and search engine marketing solutions, we offer:

  • Google Adwords & Pay-Per-Click Advertising:
    A staple of online marketing, Google Adwords allows us to put your company’s advertising at the top of online browsers based on a set of keywords. Google and Google affiliate sites post the highly designed copy to ensure that your product/service gets noticed. Along with this service, pay-per-click advertising means that you only pay when your advertisement gets clicked on. One of the most cost-effective solutions, we can help you create the advertising and choose the keywords to get you noticed online.
  • Social Media Marketing Campaigns:
    It can be tiring to stay current with trends in social media. Most brands have a presence on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn that must be updated regularly. Let us help you make the most of your presence by developing social media advertising campaigns and posting content that gets your brand liked, retweeted, and shared on a regular basis.
  • Display Advertising:
    If you have some great ideas for an online advertisement, we can help you create an eye-catching display that can be used across many mediums to get you noticed. With a team of graphic and web designers, we understand what it takes to make a click-worthy display.
  • Site Retargeting:
    If a user comes to your site, we can leave a cookie-crumb trail to bring interested parties back for lead conversion. Later, when the same user is working online, the ads on his browser will feature the products or company that he was looking at on your site. Subtle and effective, this technique keeps your company at the forefront of a lead’s mind. Read more.
  • Search Retargeting:
    Even if a user has never been to your site before, we can pick out individuals who are searching for products or services that your company offers. When an individual enters a particular search, we can pick up on certain keywords and bring them new advertising to get your brand noticed. Read more.
  • PPC Audit & Assessment:
    The only way to ensure that your pay-per-click advertising is working as intended is to thoroughly examine its inner workings. Let us audit and assess your current advertising campaign for date relevancy, key performance indicators, settings, and more to fine-tune your campaign and make the most of your investment.
  • Online Reputation Monitoring & Management:
    Every brand with an online presence should be managing their online reputation. The best way to manage your reputation online is by taking a proactive approach. Let us keep track of your online presence so that we can help you keep your image strong and positive.

If you’re ready to give our full service internet and digital marketing a try, we’d like to speak with you about creating a customized solution. Whether you’re in the Syracuse or Rochester, NY or across the country, we work with companies in multiple states and of various sizes and we can put together a budget and program to help you improve your online performance now. Call us at 315.876.9607 for more information today, or click here to contact for a free consultation.

Design has proven ROI

  • Great design matters. “Web usability guru Jakob Nielsen found in a 2008 study that ROI on a website that was redesigned to enhance usability averages more than 80 percent. Companies that have invested – minimally, as is often the case – in redesigns have been able to decrease support costs, increase order size and convert more prospects into customers.”
    — Read more…

Success Stories

Upstate Resort – Mirbeau

  •  After designing & launching new site:
    •  Client reported 65% increase in
      online bookings
    •  30 day period compared to same 30
      days in previous year:

      •  20% increase in traffic
      •  30% increase in pageviews
      •  20% increase in time spent on

New Restaurant – The Evergreen

  •  Within 4 months of opening:
    •  Placed new site on first page of
      Google for over 15 highly-relevant
      keywords for bars/restaurants in
    •  Social media traffic increase month
      to month averaging ~60-75%

Landscaping Company – Landmasters

  •  In first 60 days of SEO work:
    •  Increased average rankings of
      keywords 61% across 3 major Search
    •  Increased overall site traffic 155%
    •  Increased pageviews 127%

International Manufacturer and
Distributor – HealthWay

  •  After design and launch of new, mobile-
    optimized site with blog:

    •  Improved average ranking for 22
      keywords for HealthWay 187% on
    •  49% increase in search engine traffic
    •  43% increase in direct traffic