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Display Advertising & Retargeting

Advertising online today is all about getting in front of your potential customers. Nobody purchases blindly anymore. Instead, they see something interesting and start doing some research. Whether your lead was browsing or looking for a particular item, we can make sure that your brand stays at the forefront of his or her mind.

Personalized Advertising is the New Way to Nurture Leads Online

A great internet campaign always includes pay-per-click advertising and retargeting strategies. With an eye-catching design in front of the right audience, you can effortlessly improve your online conversion rates and boost your brand’s reputation. Personalized advertising through displays and retargeting provides you with several, impactful benefits including:

  • High visibility to a target market (those who are most likely to buy)
  • Relevant advertising that engages potential consumers based on previous online activities
  • Brand recognition – Every time your advertisement is displayed, your brand becomes more recognized in the industry
  • Measurable ROI results
  • Low cost, highly successful, and efficient marketing solution

Striking Display Advertising that Highlights & Strengthens Your Brand

Display advertising graphics are your opportunity to hook interested internet browsers and new potential customers with one glance. By focusing on psychology-backed methods of capturing your audience’s attention, we can help you choose the text, graphics, logos, and mixed media displays that will improve your brand’s visibility every day. With customized sizing and an endless number of forums to post your content, display advertising is an effective way to spread the word about your latest offer or brand value.

Site Retargeting for Consumers Interested in Your Products

With help from our team at Lerentech, your advertising will appear in your lead’s search engine results and on certain websites. Do you remember the days when advertising online was random and completely useless for most internet users? Now, advertising is catered to the user. If they have visited your site to look at a product, you can make sure that they keep coming back to your name, regardless of where they go online after that interaction. This form of retargeting is a great way to encourage users to come back to you when they are ready to purchase. It’s a subtle and effective way to get noticed.

Search Retargeting for New Customers

If your goal is to reach new customers, search retargeting is the way to go. With a fine-tuned set of keywords, our team at Lerentech can make sure that online searches that feature those words bring up your company’s advertising. Along with traditional SEO techniques to get your company to appear high in search engine rankings, search retargeting is an effective way to encourage users to check out your site for the product or service they have been looking for. Even if this interaction doesn’t lead to an immediate sale or point-of-contact, your brand visibility will improve with every display.

Benefit from Strong Industry Partnerships and Innovative Solutions at Lerentech

When you come to Lerentech, you won’t be working with a one solution company offering the same marketing strategy for everyone. We recognize that the best results come learning about your business and challenges, then tailoring a marketing plan utilizing a range of proven techniques.  And doing so requires access to many resources and partners. We’ve tested, selected and work with the best ad networks and platforms, while working with talented partners locally.

  • Daylight Blue Media – This agency specializes in graphic design, video production, and photography to help bring your display advertising campaign to life and captivate the attention of your audience across many online platforms.
  • Jeffrey Herberger – A Creative Director with 30 years of experience working for Western New York’s top advertising agencies. Recognized nationally with multiple Addy awards and honored in both Print and Graphics publications for design excellence, Jeffrey has spent his career working on a wide variety of both B2B and B2C clients covering everything from Banking and Law practices to Automobile dealerships and Bakery manufacturers.  Recently, Jeff won a 2014 Western New York Addy award. With Jeff we can not only deliver powerful, attractive designs, but complete branding and identity packages with professional logos and impactful copy.
  • Adroll – Adroll is an industry leader in online retargeting. Other large companies including Levi’s and Salesforce trust Adroll to provide high quality retargeting services. They work with some of the largest online advertising giants including Google, Microsoft, and Facebook so that you can reach the largest audience. Their services routinely earn their customers a high ROI of $10 to every dollar invested. With the latest technology in retargeting, we know that Adroll is the best way we can help companies like yours excel in online marketing.
  • Google, Bing & Other Ad Networks – We’re experts with Google for SEO and Pay-Per-Click, but we often recommend blending multiple advertising networks into one cohesive campaign to get your ads in front of the right target audience and achieve multiple goals simultaneously.  Depending upon the product and its target, some networks are superior to others and provide a better bang for the buck.

Improve your visibility with customized, effective marketing solutions from Lerentech today. We look forward to talking with you about strategic campaigns for your online presence that will perform better than traditional advertising getting you more return on your marketing dollars. Call us at 315.876.9607 to get started, or email us here.

Design Has a Proven ROI

  • Great design matters. “Web usability guru Jakob Nielsen found in a 2008 study that ROI on a website that was redesigned to enhance usability averages more than 80 percent. Companies that have invested – minimally, as is often the case – in redesigns have been able to decrease support costs, increase order size and convert more prospects into customers.”
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Success Stories

Upstate Resort – Mirbeau

  •  After designing & launching new site:
    •  Client reported 65% increase in
      online bookings
    •  30 day period compared to same 30
      days in previous year:

      •  20% increase in traffic
      •  30% increase in pageviews
      •  20% increase in time spent on

New Restaurant – The Evergreen

  •  Within 4 months of opening:
    •  Placed new site on first page of
      Google for over 15 highly-relevant
      keywords for bars/restaurants in
    •  Social media traffic increase month
      to month averaging ~60-75%

Landscaping Company – Landmasters

  •  In first 60 days of SEO work:
    •  Increased average rankings of
      keywords 61% across 3 major Search
    •  Increased overall site traffic 155%
    •  Increased pageviews 127%

International Manufacturer and
Distributor – HealthWay

  •  After design and launch of new, mobile-
    optimized site with blog:

    •  Improved average ranking for 22
      keywords for HealthWay 187% on
    •  49% increase in search engine traffic
    •  43% increase in direct traffic