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Mobile Websites

Is your website ready for the small screen? Many sites are not easy to use on small smartphone screens. The graphics may be too large, there might be too much text, the layout might not work on a phone screen, many sites load slow, and worse if your site is in Flash, it won’t work on iPhones and iPads, and even some other new devices. As of the end of 2014, more people were on the web via mobile devices than via desktops and laptops.

In April 2015 Google began rolling out changes to their search that will penalize non-mobile-friendly sites. We can help you convert your site to mobile-friendly or build you a new one.

Lerentech can make sure you’re ready for the future of the Internet and build you a simple mobile app or mobile website that shows up when visitors come to your site on a mobile device. For an example, visit on your phone, or try one of our client’s responsive sites at Call us for a free consultation and quote today and make sure you’re not leaving out your mobile phone visitors!

Lerentech offers very competitive rates for web design & mobile websites… and it doesn’t cost anything for a quote! Request a free quote here or give us a call at (315)876.9607.

Design Has a Proven ROI

  • Great design matters. “Web usability guru Jakob Nielsen found in a 2008 study that ROI on a website that was redesigned to enhance usability averages more than 80 percent. Companies that have invested – minimally, as is often the case – in redesigns have been able to decrease support costs, increase order size and convert more prospects into customers.”
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Success Stories

Upstate Resort – Mirbeau

  •  After designing & launching new site:
    •  Client reported 65% increase in
      online bookings
    •  30 day period compared to same 30
      days in previous year:

      •  20% increase in traffic
      •  30% increase in pageviews
      •  20% increase in time spent on

New Restaurant – The Evergreen

  •  Within 4 months of opening:
    •  Placed new site on first page of
      Google for over 15 highly-relevant
      keywords for bars/restaurants in
    •  Social media traffic increase month
      to month averaging ~60-75%

Landscaping Company – Landmasters

  •  In first 60 days of SEO work:
    •  Increased average rankings of
      keywords 61% across 3 major Search
    •  Increased overall site traffic 155%
    •  Increased pageviews 127%

International Manufacturer and
Distributor – HealthWay

  •  After design and launch of new, mobile-
    optimized site with blog:

    •  Improved average ranking for 22
      keywords for HealthWay 187% on
    •  49% increase in search engine traffic
    •  43% increase in direct traffic