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Digital Ads for Small Businesses on a Budget

As some of you know we opened a restaurant recently in downtown Syracuse’s Hanover Square, The Evergreen.  While I have been doing digital advertising and digital (and non digital) marketing for businesses for years as a part of Lerentech, with the restaurant I’ve been able to try some new and different things that have yielded great results thus far.

If you haven’t tried yet, Facebook can be a very powerful and cost effective advertising platform for B2C business.  Boosted posts can get a reach of THOUSANDS for only $10-20 and you can target by geography just like Google Adwords.  Click through rates are low – sometimes very low – but just as you don’t buy a billboard on 690 to get a phone call from every passerby, you do digital ads for branding and brand awareness.

Another low cost ad platform I’ve had good results with is Reddit. If you aren’t familiar it’s a popular anonymous forum and news site – one of the top 40 most visited websites in the world. They recently introduced auction based bidding on CPM so in the Syracuse area I was able to get over 20,000 impressions for less than $15! That yielded 130 clicks in just a few days.  This is a very young audience so it’s not for every business, but worth trying.

These are just two of the media we can work into a very affordable monthly marketing program for any size business.  They say you should be spending 5% of revenue on advertising and marketing. But with digital marketing, we can work with even less than that for most any business, and combine it with creative, guerrilla marketing such as social media campaigns, sweepstakes, deals, events, charity, special micro-sites/landing pages, and more to give you a big impact. Email us or give us a call if you’d like to discuss a marketing and advertising campaign.


PS. If you haven’t already, check out The Evergreen website. We’ve been getting compliments weekly on it since we opened and a food rep just minutes ago told me his friends were here and remarked how easy it is to use. If your site isn’t mobile, we can make it easier to use on mobile and desktop too.

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