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Tips for SEO-Friendly Web Design

When it comes to SEO and web design, many believe that the two are unrelated. However, there are many ways in which SEO and web design support one another. By integrating SEO into your web design through keywords, good navigation, social media integration, and other elements, you can ensure that your website is more likely to be found via search engines and will rise in page rank. Use the following tips to improve SEO during the web design stage, and trust Lerentech to provide quality web design in Syracuse and SEO in Syracuse.

1. Keywords

With SEO, one of the most important aspects is keywords. You should integrate the top keywords for your industry as well as geo-targeted keywords into not only the content of your website, but also your title and header tags, meta descriptions, alt text, URLs, internal and footer links, navigation, website slogans, and file and folder names.

2. Navigation

The navigation of your website should be not just user friendly, but also search engine friendly. This means creating a logical path for navigating your website – main categories, such as products and services, locations, and contact should stem from the homepage, with more subcategories stemming from those main categories. Use text rather than images in your navigation bar for easier reading by search engines.

3. URLs

Along with navigation, the URLs of your website should make use of keywords and be something that search engines can understand rather than a mix of random numbers, letters, and symbols. For example, is a good format to follow. This further allows search engines to better read the navigation of your website in Syracuse.

4. Images

When integrating SEO into your web design, don’t forget about images. Images should be compressed into smaller sizes for faster loading times and be relevant to the content of the page they are on. Aim for 72dpi in terms of resolution and a size of 30-100kb. You should make use of alt tags to ensure that search engines can read your images.

5. Authorship

Google+ Authorship is also playing an important role in search results as Google is using this to measure Author Rank. By integrating Authorship into the content on your website, such as your blogs and articles, you can ensure that Google will give your site a boost in search rank. Furthermore, using Google+ Authorship lends credibility to your brand, ensuring that customers are more likely to choose your website rather than the competition.

6. Social Media

Finally, integrating social media into your website is another important part of SEO and web design. You can do this by adding social share buttons as well as embedding your Twitter or Facebook feed into your site. When your content is shared, liked, and otherwise promoted on social media, it will boost your visibility and improve your rank in search results.


At Lerentech Solutions, we offer services for web design in Syracuse and SEO in Syracuse to help your business gain visitors and convert customers into sales. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your company grow..

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