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The Importance of Good Web Design for Your Small Business

For small businesses, web design is especially important in attracting customers. Good web design brings a number of benefits to your business, from branding to better conversion into sales. At Lerentech, we work with many small businesses of all types, offering services for web design and SEO in Syracuse, Rochester and Central New York. We have seen the various mistakes that many small businesses tend to make in terms of web design, and we also know what works for small businesses.

Benefits of Web Design

When it comes to your small business website, there are many reasons to consider web design. First, good web design is important for developing your brand. Your website provides customers with a reflection of your brand through logos, specific colors and fonts, and slogans. In addition, web design is a key part of your advertising strategy, as your website is one of the first impressions potential customers will have of your brand.

Good web design also works to convert visitors into sales, either online or in your brick-and-mortar location. With good web design, you will instill a sense of trust in your customers in regard to your brand. Your website is the main representation of your brand, and a good image leads to a good reputation and trust.

Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Despite the importance of having a well-designed website, many small businesses make a few common mistakes when it comes to their website. First, many small businesses are uncertain about whom they should hire for the web design, either making the mistake of spending too little on a cheap designer or spending too much on a big agency that is not prepared to spend adequate time with small businesses. Second, some small businesses also go overboard with their web design, which can be overwhelming for the user and may lead to users being unable to navigate the site and find what they want.

Many small businesses also decide to DIY their web design with disastrous results. In addition, some small businesses forget to cater their web design toward their target audience. Others fail to provide a clear call to action, which means that once customers reach your website, they do not know what to do next. Two final web design mistakes are a lack of mobile compatibility and broken social share media links and other links, both of which inhibit a positive user experience.

Tips for Better Web Design


  • Be Simplistic: A good small business website is simplistic in design. Have clear navigation with a low number of links and pages so as not to overwhelm the user.
  • Focus on Usability: The most important aspect of your site is usability. Ensure that users can easily find what they are looking for on your homepage with little scrolling or searching.
  • Buttons Are Key: On your website, it’s all about the buttons. You should have visually appealing buttons for your CTA as well as social sharing.
  • Concentrate On Branding: As the main representation of your brand, your website should be properly branded with the right logo, colors, and fonts.

Are you searching for someone to help your small business with SEO and web design in Syracuse, Rochester NY or CNY? Contact Lerentech Solutions today for a free consultation..

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