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The SEO Trends Your Small Business Should Know

search engine optimization marketingWhen it comes to search engine optimization marketing, industry best practices are constantly changing. This is why it is important to constantly adjust your small business’s SEO marketing strategy. Otherwise, you might lag behind in the search results. Since 93% of online experiences begin on a search engine, it is important to keep your business relevant. To do so, start by trying out some of this year’s SEO trends.

  • Mobile Marketing: Mobile-first marketing is becoming the norm. Between searching on their mobile search engines to using social media apps, users are likely to find your business on their mobile devices. This is especially important to consider when planning out your custom web design. Make sure you have a mobile version.
  • Voice Search Optimization: Speaking of using phones for searching, many people are now using Siri and other voice command features for search. This is why it’s important to rank on keywords like “coffee shops near me” in addition to “Brooklyn coffee shops,” for example.
  • Visual Content Marketing: Content is no longer just about text on a page. Your photos, videos, and graphics now matter as well. Adding keywords into multimedia tags and captions is now part of marketing best practices, so be sure to do this when possible.
  • Useful Blog Posts: The days of putting out useless posts simply for website SEO are over. Users want to read substantial content that solves a problem or teaches them something. This is also useful for you, as better content is more likely to be shared on social media and generate more leads.
  • User Experience First: Also known as UEO, user experience optimization is SEO’s new cousin. This includes making your pages load faster and creating mobile-friendly pages, for example. If your SEO allows users to find you and your UEO convinces them to stay, you have created the perfect formula.

Remember: The SEO industry is constantly changing and Google updates its guidelines just as often, so be sure to stay up to date with these changes. This is why it is important to work with a marketing firm that specializes in SEO services for small businesses. The best company will create a personal solution for your business needs, making your search engine optimization marketing as effective as possible.

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