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How to Design a Great Landing Page

While your website as a whole is one of the first impressions your brand makes on a potential customer, the homepage or a landing page may make the very first impression. Because of this, your landing page must be optimized for maximum user-friendliness. Many businesses and organizations only have one landing page, their homepage. However, it is often beneficial to have multiple landing pages, especially in use with online advertising or any kind of ad campaigns including email blasts and traditional media. There are many elements that work to create a successful landing page. From the headline to the ‘call to action’ and trust symbols, customers should be able to easily navigate your website, find what they are looking for, and know that they can place their trust in your brand. Call to action buttons and links are important to prompt the customer to take action, whether that is a purchase or simply a quick contact form.

The Headline & Content

First, your landing page should have a clear and concise headline that engages the user. This should then transition into your supporting headline, followed by your reinforcement statement and closing argument. All of these elements make up your unique selling proposition, or USP. The headlines and all content should have impeccable grammar. Within the content, you should also offer a breakdown of the benefits of what your company is offering to the customer.  Some sites use slideshows with a combination of relevant graphics and taglines to showcase multiple benefits of your products and services. Good photography in the slideshows can enhance your website tremendously as a picture can communicate a lot about you very quickly.

The CTA & Buttons

The call to action, or CTA, is arguably the most important aspect of your landing page. The CTA is what tells customers what they should do next, whether that task is making a phone call or signing up for your email list. Your strategy for web design   should include a clear CTA with a conversion button that stands out and draws the user in.

Simple Navigation & Few Links

User-friendliness means usability, and usability means simple navigation. Your landing page should have a simple navigational interface that is logical in format and does not link to an overwhelming amount of pages. Instead, provide links for main categories of your site. In addition, do not use too many links on your landing page. Too many links will also overwhelm the user and discourage him or her from progressing through your site.

Interactive Elements

A good landing page also contains interactive elements such as photos and videos. These elements should be high-quality in terms of graphics, and they should also be relevant to the content of the page. Stick with simplicity and don’t add too many photos or videos to the landing page of your business website.  For many sites we at Lerentech build in the Syracuse area, we hire a professional photographer to capture beautiful imagery. And for some we even develop custom videos.

Trust Symbols

Trust symbols are another critical aspect of your landing page. With trust symbols, you show your potential customers that your brand is reputable and can be trusted. These symbols include customer testimonials and reviews, security certifications such as VeriSign, accreditation with the Better Business Bureau, press releases, seals, etc.

The Page Fold

Finally, the design of your landing page should take into account the page fold. All important elements should lie above this fold, meaning that customers will not have to scroll to see the most important parts of your landing page. When taking page fold into account, cater toward small screens to ensure that you are gearing your landing page toward the largest audience.

If your business needs a new or enhanced strategy for gaining customers, please consider us at Lerentech Solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our services for SEO and web design.  While we have a strong Syracuse and CNY presence, we do work with companies and non-profits throughout the country.  For a free consultation and quote, please give us a call or contact us online..

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