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Google to start penalizing sites that aren’t mobile friendly

Google has announced a HUGE change to their Ranking Algorithm… in Advance! This is not a common thing for Google to announce, let alone set a date for.

This can mean a BIG impact on your business.

Usually, they test different ranking changes and signals, and then quietly and silently update the algorithm. Most companies don’t even know anything happened until they suddenly discover significant changes in their rankings and website traffic! Now Google wants to start giving rankings boosts to mobile-friendly websites and push down those that aren’t. Many sites built even just a year ago or longer may not be mobile-friendly, ie. not using responsive design or a mobile optimized theme for easy viewing and navigation on phones.

It makes sense on Google’s part. They need to get people info. fast and easy, even on phones so if a user goes to a site that isn’t mobile optimized, the user will leave and not get what they’re searching for.

This means that if your website is NOT coded to appear the way Google thinks it should be, then your website and subsequently your business is going to suffer.

This all comes down on 4/21. Not much time to get things in order so we all better get busy.

As of Dec 2014, more people used their smartphone to access the internet than their desktops, for the first time in human history.

So how do you check if your sites are OK? Here’s a little tool from Google, or you can just give me a call or email . We can enhance your website’s traffic through search engine optimization best practices, SEO services; and then increase your site’s performance and ease of use for visitors by making it mobile-optimized.


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