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What Customers Should Learn From Your Website In The First 30 Seconds

seo services for small businessWhen turning internet users into customers, your website often does the bulk of the work. In fact, a recent study found that 94% of people said that web design was the reason they rejected or mistrusted a website. Intuitive web design can completely flip this around. With the right layout, responsive design, and information paired with SEO services for small businesses, you can give users a reason to stay on your site.

So, what should customers know? The following is a breakdown of the first 30 seconds of a user’s experience on your site.

1-5 Seconds: Your Branding

In the first few seconds that a user is on your site, they should be able to identify your branding. To ensure this happens, place your logo clearly at the top of the page, choose your colors carefully, and let your content breathe. This way, they can take a moment to appreciate your branding instead of sifting through crowded homepage content. Custom web design can keep your branding as clear as possible.

6-10 Seconds: Your Purpose

Users should next be able to pinpoint your main mission. What you do or sell should be clear within the first ten seconds, so they know they are on your website for the right reason. Otherwise, they might click away to find someone else who offers what they need. This can be done by having a clear tagline and image on your homepage, as well as an intuitive “about” page.

11-20 Seconds: Your Services And Products

Once they know who you are and what you do, it’s time for users to get into the bulk of your small business. They should then be able to quickly browse your products or services. A clear navigation menu is the best way to achieve this. Also be sure to target these pages in your SEO services for small business.

21-30 Seconds: A Call To Action

The last portion of these 30 seconds is precious, because this is when users decide their next move. You can help them along by making clear calls to action around your website. Small taglines, clearly placed contact information, and social buttons should all be part of your professional web development.

By hiring a web design firm and investing in SEO services for small businesses, you can ensure that user time is being utilized. By making your web design both intuitive and creative, you can guide users through your website, eventually turning them into customers. Just be sure to pay attention to your website SEO analytics to see what pages may need to be fine tuned.

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