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Building Traffic and Your Brand with Online Advertising and PPC

Webpronews recently posted a couple of interesting articles on advertising and pay-per-click. The most recent blog post has an infographic about viewable impressions and the impact on brands. One piece from the infographic states “Viewable impressions had 2x the increase in purchase intent among category purchasers.” Lerentech provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which can drive traffic and users seeking what your business offers; but we also can help you with PPC, which can do the same, with additional benefits including providing immediate impact. SEO can take months and is more challenging, though often times more effective in driving traffic. Some people may ignore the paid ads on Google search results, but PPC is a great complement to SEO and has an important benefit of also building the brand, even when users don’t click the ad or visit the your site. Additionally with Google Adwords you can place your ads on relevant websites for your products and services via the huge display network of publisher sites. PPC and Adwords offer a mix of SEO-type marketing and advertising in that you can drive traffic while still building your brand through paid ads appearing next to relevant content – ads allowing you to directly control not only what they appear next to but also what they communicate, where and when.

Other online marketing and advertising can also be great for building your brand awareness and communicating the message you’d like directly to a targeted audience. In the other recent blog post, Webpronews discusses the recent report from eMarketer that shows global mobile ad spending increased by 105% in 2013. More companies are moving more money into online marketing and mobile is a fast growing area with users continuing to shift their screen time from desktops to tablets and phones. Mobile is also very effective for immediate, highly-targeted, local advertising. People are often on their phones searching for restaurant ideas, shopping and many things while they’re out and about. The report shows that Google and Facebook are leading in the net mobile internet ad revenue share.

“Facebook in particular is gaining significant market share… In 2012, the social network accounted for just 5.4% of the global advertising market. In 2013, that share increased to 17.5%, and eMarketer predicts it will rise again this year to 21.7%. Google still owns a plurality of the mobile advertising market worldwide, taking a portion of nearly 50% in 2013, but the rapid growth of Facebook will cause the search giant’s share to drop to 46.8% in 2014.”

Technology and marketing are evolving quickly and it’s important for marketers and businesses to keep up with where consumers are spending their time in order to continue branding and marketing communications. As people spend more time on their phones and on social networks asking for advice and seeing what their friends are up to, pay-per-click, Facebook and other forms of marketing become more imperative. Placing paid ads on social sites and blogs – and even text ads via PPC – is a proven strategy for branding, and one that should get more attention from not only large, national companies, but also local, small businesses..

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