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Are You Avoiding These Responsive Website Design Mistakes?

professional web developmentWhen it comes to getting users to stick with your website, you don’t have time to lose. Studies show that it takes no more than 50 milliseconds, or 0.05 seconds, for users to form an opinion on your site. So what does this mean for you? It’s time to make professional web development a priority for more responsive design. When you are analyzing your site’s responsiveness, be sure to avoid the following common mistakes.

  1. Forgetting To Make A Mobile Version: Even the best website SEO strategy will flop if your users can’t access your site from every device. By creating a mobile version of your site, you are allowing people to navigate from anywhere. And in this age, that is a large portion of your user base.
  2. Designing For Mouse Navigation Only: Just as you need to think about the screens people are looking at, you also need to consider the way they are clicking. When users are accessing your website on their mobile device, they can do more than just tap the screen. Consider creative ways to incorporate swiping, dragging, and spreading, for example.
  3. Mismanaging Negative Space: Negative space allows your content to breathe,
    but it is easy to use too little or too much of it. User testing is a great way to find this sweet spot. Once you complete your custom web design, gather a sample group to preview your site before it goes live. If they think it is too sparse, they might get board. If it’s too crowded, they could get overwhelmed. Adjust accordingly.
  4. Ignoring Image Size And Resolution: Simply putting photos and graphics up on your site is not enough. All too often, companies will upload beautiful images in the incorrect resolution. This leaves a blurry photo on an otherwise high quality website.
  5. Setting Up Confusing Navigation: Your SEO marketing strategy will bring users to your website, but what if they can’t find the information they are looking for? Be sure to never let trendy features overpower clear navigation.

Even the most modern web designs flop when the website isn’t responsive. To avoid this issue, be sure to hire a web design firm to craft your professional web development. This way, you can prioritize both style and efficiency.

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