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5 Must-Have Features For Modern Web Design

The importance of quality web design is in the numbers. About 46% of people say that that web design is their top criterion when judging a company’s credibility. By investing in custom web design, you will ensure that you are seen as credible every time. Not sure what to add? Consider these modern design elements.

  1. Intuitive Navigation: Simple is best when it comes to building your site’s menus and navigation bars. If a web user is unable to find what they are looking for, they will click away from your website. Keep everything intuitive to turn page visitors into customers.
  2. Sharp Images: Original, high quality photos are key to looking professional. Hire a photographer or purchase stock photos rather than attempting to take them yourself. The images should be high resolution and appear large on the pages.
  3. Background Videos: This engaging web design trend has proven effective over the past year. When a user is greeted by a background video, they are automatically engaged. Consider shooting behind the scenes footage of the production process or shots of people using your product, for example. The videos should be on-brand with the rest of your content and aesthetic.
  4. Typography: Custom typefaces are web design staples, adding another layer to your company’s visual brand. Your web design firms will have suggestions as to which typography styles will work best for your brand.
  5. White Space: Today’s content breathes. Using white space will let your content stand out and your users move through your site at their own pace. This is also an effective way to highlight certain features, drawing the eye to one specific spot on the page.

Remember: Professional web development services are the best way to have the highest quality website. Be sure that you are integrating your web pages into your SEO marketing strategy, seamlessly optimizing every aspect of your business. As industry trends and best practices change over time, be sure to update your design. Keeping up a modern website takes work but presents significant payoff.

Larentech solutions provides the custom web design and SEO Syracuse can count on. Contact us today to see how we can work together to better your business.

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