Social Media Marketing posted a graphic showing how many social media marketing tools and social media networks there are. It looks very intimidating but Internet marketing, SEO & social media, don’t have to be this difficult. With a little bit of a time and a small budget you can put together a monthly plan that greatly increases your online presence. There are a lot of great tools to simplify the effort like and Tweetdeck, plus a number of free and paid online brand monitoring tools to keep track and manage any negative ‘word of mouth’ online. But regardless of how difficult you might think it is, if you own a business today you NEED to do something with online marketing, SEO and social media. And however little, something is better than nothing.

We’ve worked with a number of companies to implement different types of campaigns from group buying discounts to Facebook “like” building campaigns, and of course search engine optimization, the MOST important online marketing.

I do recommend checking out the article and graphic though. You can view it here..