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Why Search Engine Optimization is Important for Businesses

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Here’s How to Understand SEO for Businesses

With so much advertising and traffic online, small business owners benefit from understanding how search engines see their websites. Believe it or not, your ranking on a consumer’s Google search results is not random. The Google algorithm may seem impossibly…

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How to Get (and Keep) Visitors on Your Site

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What Customers Should Learn From Your Website In The First 30 Seconds

When turning internet users into customers, your website often does the bulk of the work. In fact, a recent study found that 94% of people said that web design was the reason they rejected or mistrusted a website. Intuitive web…

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Are You Avoiding These Responsive Website Design Mistakes?

When it comes to getting users to stick with your website, you don’t have time to lose. Studies show that it takes no more than 50 milliseconds, or 0.05 seconds, for users to form an opinion on your site. So…

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The SEO Trends Your Small Business Should Know

When it comes to search engine optimization marketing, industry best practices are constantly changing. This is why it is important to constantly adjust your small business’s SEO marketing strategy. Otherwise, you might lag behind in the search results. Since 93%…

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5 Must-Have Features For Modern Web Design

The importance of quality web design is in the numbers. About 46% of people say that that web design is their top criterion when judging a company’s credibility. By investing in custom web design, you will ensure that you are…

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Marketing Local on the World Wide Web with Content Marketing

Moz Blog had a good post titled “How to Create Authentic Hyperlocal Content at Scale” that got me thinking about marketing local for both our restaurant and pub (The Evergreen in downtown Syracuse) and our website design and digital marketing…

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The Importance of Media Mix and Multiple Touch Strategy with Digital Marketing

Yesterday I got a letter like the dozens I receive monthly offering me a small business loan. Like the others it didn’t get my attention and got tossed. Then today I received an email and I recognized the brand from…

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Does the SEO on your website break Google’s rules?

I recently received a call from a prospect in the Syracuse, NY area who is unhappy with the company doing their search engine optimization. In quickly reviewing their site and code, I found a hidden link to a 3rd party…

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Mobile App and Online Ordering for Restaurants

We recently launched a new mobile app and an online ordering website application for The Evergreen restaurant and craft beer pub. The mobile app (currently only Android, iPhone coming soon) offers a lot of features including: rewards for installing the…

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Digital Ads for Small Businesses on a Budget

As some of you know we opened a restaurant recently in downtown Syracuse’s Hanover Square, The Evergreen.  While I have been doing digital advertising and digital (and non digital) marketing for businesses for years as a part of Lerentech, with…

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